SPE Expert 1.3KFA instock @ LAMMY’s.

SPE Expert 1.3KFA amplifiers instock @ £3599.95 HF-6m-4m + an internal ATU.

Call 01226 361700

There is a twelve month wait for the 

Expert 1.5KFA.…/spe-expert-1-3k-fa-1-5-k…/

Komunica Ranger HF Mobile Antennas Instock @ Lammy’s.

Komunica Ranger HF Mobile Antenna instock. Call 01226 361700…

80m Fits SO239 £49.95

40m Fits SO239£49.95
20m Fits SO239 £49.95
6m Fits SO239 £49.95

Icom IC-R8600 Instock @ Lammy’s.

Icom IC-R8600 We’ve lots of them instock. 

Treat yourself for an early Christmas present!


My Favourite Icom Radio 

Communications Dealer.

Kenwood TS-590SG In stock @ Lammy’s.

 Kenwood TS-590SG In stock @ Lamy’s.

Don’t forget the ever popular Kenwood TS-590SG Transceiver. 

Amazing value @ £1299.95

My Favourite Kenwood HAM Radio Dealer.



Take a look at Junksale. 

We have lots used clearance items in stock. 

Grab a bargain or a project.

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simon and dave network radio

David ‘M0XIT’ and Simon ‘M0GBK’ Having a play with the impressive and all-new Network Radios available now at LAMCO
Groundbreaking new technology for the Amateur Radio Community
Find out more:



Looks like it’s time to give our little CB Museum a quick clean. This is often the most talked about cabinet in our shop. So many people have so many great stories to tell about their early radio days!

My favourite HAM store.…/cb-radio-10m-ssb/

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Kenwood TS-890S All Nerw HF/50/70MHz Transceiver Due into

LAMCO Barnsley


890S Banner







Grab a bargain from Junksale. Lots of used clearance equipment available.


FT DX 101D


Filippo Ricci

A very special visit today from Filippo Ricci ‘IK7YC’ ‘GOYCE’ from Italy
who came to collect his Prosistel Rotator and ACOM Amplifier.




CRT FP00 VHF/UHF Handset’s have arrived in stock. £39.95 + two years warranty. Call 01226 361700


Amazing Value for the price! £39.95

CRT-FR-00 VHF/UHF Handset Two Years Warranty LAMCO Barnsley



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FT 70 Repeater Setup


ICOM Trophy


 Click Below for More Information


Adam Hutchinson York Repeater Group Adam Hutchinson York Repeater Group








world radio day




LAMCO Breaking News

As business continues to grow and flourish, LAMCO is pleased to announce the expansion of our mail order services and showroom experience.  Our Junksale Company will also occupy the new premises offering more variety to our equipment clearance business.