AOR AR-7030 USED Twelve Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley


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AOR AR-7030 USED Twelve Months Warranty

LAMCO Barnsley

In great condition with the remote control.


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aor ar-7030


AOR AR7030 is the result of a combined project between the AOR Company of Japan and a designer group in England. The AR7030 provides the best design featuring exceptionally strong signal handling and bristling with enhanced features. The AR7030 has been targeted to handle strong signals that are of prime concern of European listeners. It offers greater than +35dBm IP3 and 104dB dynamic range (SSB, 2.2kHz, 20/40kHz spacing). This coupled with excellent selectivity make the AR7030 a strong choice for the shortwave broadcast listener or DXer. Although performance is excellent, features have not been forgotten. You get:  Synchronous AM, Passband Tuning, four levels of attenuation, dual VFOs and 24 hour clock-timer. The 100 scannable memories store frequency, bandwidth, PBS, Squelch and BFO settings. The mini headphone jack will accept a mono or stereo 3.5mm plug. The two line 48 character backlit LCD gives you the status of the receiver. The AR7030 comes with four standard bandwidths. There is a 2.2 kHz filter for SSB. There is a Murata CFK455J 4.0 kHz for AM DXing (stated as 3 kHz by the Murata and displays/sounds like 3.7 kHz in this radio). There is also 5.5 kHz AM filter and a 9.5 kHz filter for NFM. There is a speaker built into the top panel.

The supplied full-featured 32 button IR7030-2 infra-red remote provides access to virtually all facilities including:  volume, tone, numeric keypad, memories, PBT, filter selection, etc. A remote RS-232 level port (5 pin 240° DIN) is also provided for computer control on the back panel. The Auxiliary Socket provides audio and timer outputs plus 455 kHz IF Output. Includes  VAC wall Made in England.


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