bhi Noise Away ANEM | Amplified Noise Eliminating Module


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bhi Noise Away ANEM | Amplified Noise Eliminating Module

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bhi Noise Away ANEM | Amplified Noise Eliminating Module

A simple effective compact solution to noise and interference problems, The bhi ANEM MKII ‘Noise Away’ Amplified DSP Noise Elimination in-line Module is a compact, easy-to-use, the in-line solution to noise and interference problems in voice and radio communications. Using unique fully adaptive DSP noise cancellation technology, unwanted noise and interference are removed to leave clear speech with virtually no distortion of the voice signal.

The ANEM MKII simply fits in line between the communications equipment and the loudspeaker or headphones. It is suitable for a variety of applications. Still, it is particularly useful for improving voice quality in radio communications, removing unwanted noise and interference to give much-improved speech intelligibility across all bands (SSB, UHF, VHF, HF, AM and FM).

The ANEM MKII suits customers who prefer simple controls and operations. As the unit incorporates the bhi NEDSP1062-KBD module, it is an ideal solution for those customers who do not want to modify their existing speaker to fit the NEDSP1062-KBD.

The ANEM MKII is set up and ready to go. Its functions are microprocessor controlled, enabling simple operation via two pushbuttons: power on/off audio bypass and DSP filter on/off. 4 or 8 levels of noise cancellation are selectable via the pushbuttons on power-up, the last selected filter level remaining in the memory when the unit is switched off. The ANEM also has a headphone/speaker switch enabling the unit to be easily used with an extension speaker or a pair of mono headphones.

The unit comes boxed with a 1030-FPL Fused DC power lead (2.1mm ctr +ve) and an ALD-001 3.5mm mono plug lead 1.2m long, plus full operating instructions. Audio adapters are available to suit different connections, and Velcro strips are provided for mounting the module in a suitable position on your extension speaker or radio equipment.

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Features, Compact, Stylish, easy-to-use in-line module

Simple microprocessor-controlled functions,

Noise reduction 9 – 35dB (8 levels),

Tone reduction 4 – 65 dB,

Power supply 12 – 18 V DC (300mA),

Input signal > 50mV,

Output load 2.5W 8ohms,

Audio bandwidth 50 – 4.3KHz,

Dimensions (WxDxH) 100 x 61 x 41.5mm,

Visual and audio indication of filter level,

Power on/off Audio bypass Switch,

Use with a speaker or headphones,

Velcro strips for chassis mounting,

Standard 3.5mm mono audio connections,