Daiwa CN-103LN Cross needle PWR/SWR meter


Daiwa CN-103LN

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Daiwa CN 103LN – VHF/UHF Power/SWR Meter Another specialist meter designed for the VHF/UHF enthusiast.

  • Frequency range: 140 – 525Mhz
  • Power range: 20/200W
  • Power rating: 200W (140 – 525Mhz)
  • SWR Detection sensitivity: 4W minimum
  • Input/Output impedance: 50 ohm
  • Input/Output connectors: N type (N)
  • Size: 80H x 155W x 100Dmm
  • Weight: 670g

The Daiwa CN 103LN covers the popular 2m VHF and 70cms UHF, with a handy power readout up to 200 watts.


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