Diamond MX 3000 | Antenna Triplexer


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Diamond MX 3000 Triplexer for HF, UHF and 23cm


Diamond MX 3000


  • Port: LPF/BPF/HPF
  • Frequency (MHz): 1.6-160/350-500/850-1300
  • CW W: 400/200/100
  • PEP W: 800/400/200
  • Loss dB: .2/.3/.4
  • Isol dB: 55/55/55
  • Mix Connector: N-Jack (F)
  • Port connector: PL-259 & 12″ 5D cable / PL-259 & 12″ 5D cable / N-Male & 12″ 5D cable
  • Diamond Antenna Triplexers are used to split or combine HF, VHF, and UHF signals.
  • These triplexers may be used for combining three transceivers or transceiver connectors with different band ranges onto one coax feed line.
  • Diamond triplexers feature a high-quality aluminum case with a black finish.
  • The Diamond MX-3000 is a mobile triplexer with a singleSO-239 input into three ouputs connected to 14 inch cable with various outputs of 2m, 70cm and 23cm. *
  • 1.6 – 60MHz 800W PEP Loss 0.2dB * 350 -500MHz 500W PEP Loss 0.3dB * 850 – 1300MHz 200W Loss 0.4dB * MX-3000 Mix/HPF ÔNÕ others PL-259 * Size 65 x 85 x 23mm approx
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