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Hytera PD-405 VHF or UHF Digital Handset

hytera pd-405-VHF or UHF

Hytera PD405 Features

Long battery service life

With its battery service life of up to 16 hours in digital mode, the PD405 shows stamina and is therefore reliable even when deployed for long periods.

Impressive voice quality

With its embedded digital technology the PD405 produces outstanding voice quality even in noisy environments and at the outer perimeter of radio coverage.

Improved utilization of the frequency spectrum

Thanks to the TDMA process, the PD405 enables you to configure the available bandwidth with double the number of channels compared to the conventional analogue radio. This has a clear mitigating effect on increasing spectrum scarcity.

Mixed analogue and digital channel

Due to this function, the PD405 can differentiate between analogue and digital signals received and changes automatically to the corresponding operating mode.


The PD405 handheld radio is dust and water-resistant according to IP55 and meets the US military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G.

Digital encryption (optional)

Basic encryption without using algorithms improves immunity to eavesdropping.

Automatic cell re-selection (roaming) in IP multi-site systems (optional)


  • Different operating modes: analog, DMR Tier II or mixed
  • Scans digital or analog channels
  • Supports pre-programmed text message transmission
  • TDMA direct mode allows up to two simultaneous calls, even without repeater
  • Voice operated transmit (VOX)
  • Small, slim, light: 112 x 54 x 28 mm, weighing only 270 g
  • Individual call, group call and all call
  • Emergency alarm (Emergency call)
  • A key can be configured as emergency call button
  • Automatic cell re-selection (roaming) in IP multi-site systems (optional)
  • Scramble
  • Pseudo Trunk (optional license)
  • Radio Check Decode
  • Alert Call Decode
  • Remote Monitor Decode (optional license)
  • Enable & Disable Decode (optional license)
  • Priority Interrupt (optional license)