Icom IC-2730D

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Icom IC-2730D.

Icom IC-2730D all new Icom VHF/UHF Dual Band Transceiver.

Icom Co., Ltd. (President Tsutomu Fukui), we launched a new product IC-2730 / D, which is 144 / 430MHz dual-band FM (analog) of the IC-2720 successor to the long-machine sales.

Before we got a great reputation in the IC-2720, the two-wave reception function simultaneously the same band, 2-band selection method independent, not only the installation of the car to inherit the easy front panel separate method, further operation of a notch in order to allow, many of the new specification, we adopted actively the new features.

Bluetooth allows for convenient  ®  the other corresponding to the headset VS-3 <option>, display the frequency of the size of the (IC-2720 ratio), the name display memory, microphone, multi-function as standard equipment, degree of completion and ‘become a highly mobile transceiver. Machine step by conventional IC-2720, of course, is now the best new product If you think a mobile usage fledged FM (analog).

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Icom IC-2730D

Icom IC-2730D,

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IC 2730D



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