Icom IC-R1000 USED | 12 Months Warranty


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Icom IC-R1000 USED | 12 Months Warranty

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Icom IC-R1000 USED | 12 Months Warranty

* Frequency: 0.010000-1300.0000MHz
* Mode: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, WFM * Memory channel unlimited
* Antenna connector: BNC (50 Ohms)
* RS-232 connector: D-sub 9-pin (female)
* Supply: 13.8V DC
* Size: 127.5 x 30 x 199mm

* Weight: 1kg
* Optional: DSP Module
* Additional Requirements: System: Microsoft Windows 95/98, CPU: Intel Pentium 166 or better, Hard disk: At least 20MB of free space, Memory: At least 16MB, Serial port: Serial interface (38400bps throughput),

Display: 640×480 pixel resolution or greater

Icom software now supports Windows XP.

Connect the IC-PCR1000 and turn your PC into a wideband receiver. The IC-PCR1000 covers a wide frequency range from 0.01 to 1300MHz with all mode (WFM, FM, AM, SSB, CW) receive capability. Also included are IF shift function, Noise blanker and Icom’s original VSC (Voice Scanning Control). Other features include CTCSS tone squelch decode, a total of six varieties of scan, RF attenuator, external speaker level control for using computer’s built-in speaker and 9600 baud data receive capability.

There are three interface screens to choose from:

Communications receiver screen showing S-meter levels, large frequency readout, keypad etc, and what you would expect to see on the front panel of a typical communications receiver.

Component screen for tuning and mode choice.

Radio screen showing presets for stations buttons for station and frequency readout. Unlimited number of memory channels

Memory channels are grouped into banks of 50 channels and stored on your computer’s hard drive or on floppy disk. Each memory can store frequency, receive mode, memory name, tuning step, attenuator and filter settings.

VSC function

Voice scanning Control function only pauses scanning when modulated signal are received. The VSC acts as an audio mute control when not scanning.

Real time bandscope function

This makes it easier to find busy frequencies and observe band conditions. The passband width of the bandscope is selectable within the range ±200kHz, (WFM, FM and AM modes only).