Icom ID 4100 E LAMCO Barnsley VHF UHF D-STAR Transceiver

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Icom ID 4100  E

Icom ID 4100  E

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Icom ID 4100  E


icom id 4100

Icom ID 4100 D E . Icom Inc has issued preliminary details of a new D-STAR mobile radio called the ID-4100E. The radio will come with the new terminal and access point modes that will be incorporated into its other new D-STAR handportable, the ID-51E PLUS2. The Callsign routing terminal mode feature will allow each radio to be connected like an access point to the worldwide D-STAR repeater network through the internet*.

Planned features include:

• Terminal & Access Point Mode (Optional data cable and free-download application required)
• DR (D-STAR Repeater) Function
• Full Dot-Matrix Display
• Easy-to-Read Characters and Icons
• Compact and Detachable Controller for Flexible Installation
• Bluetooth Hands-Free Operation (Optional Bluetooth unit and headset required)
• Integrated GPS and microSD Card Slot (microSD card required)
• Enhanced Remote Control Apps for Smart Devices (Optional Bluetooth unit and free-download application required)


Icom ID 4100, ID-4100, Icom ID-4100

2 reviews for Icom ID 4100 E LAMCO Barnsley VHF UHF D-STAR Transceiver

  1. n.rydings

    Icom id-4100. d-star radio.
    The radio has a nice clear display. very easy to set-up. and program repeaters. the audio from the radio is clear and crisp. i have had good audio reports on tx. the radio has a built in gps. all the digital and fm repeaters are pre-installed into the radio. and the bonus is the icom cs-4100 programming software is a free download from the icom website. the radio also has airband which is a bonus 118 mhz. highly recommended radio . if you want to get on the digital network.

  2. n.rydings

    ICOM ID-4100

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