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Icom SP-20

Price: £209.95

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Product Summary

Icom SP-20

Product Description

The Icom SP-20 is a desk top-filter.

4x audio filters, headphone jack, this speaker can have two possible 2x transceivers connected.

The Icom SP-20 speaker is designed for use with a wide variety of communication equipment. The SP-20 is equipped with four separate audio network filters for maximum control of the audio characteristics of received signals. The SP-20 rear panel features two audio input jacks (3.5 mm mini jack). Input A or B may be selected from a switch on the front of the speaker. There is also a Speaker On/Off switch and a 1/4 inch headphone jack on the front panel. Icom includes two 3.5 mm mono mini to 3.5 mm mono mini audio cables. Click here to front controls.



  • Speaker Size: 5 inches (12 cm)
  • Rated Input Power: 3 watts
  • Maximum Rated Power: 5 watts
  • Rear Panel Input Jacks: Two 3.5mm mini jacks
  • Rear Panel Output Jack: 3.5 mm mini jack Front Panel Jack: 1/4 inch mono headphone jack.
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 100 to 9000 Hz
  • Filter Cut-off Frequencies:
  •       * HPF1    300 Hz
  •       * HPF2    600 Hz
  •       * LPF1  2400 Hz
  •       * LPF2    800 Hz
  • Filter Response: -6dB/octave
  • Enclosure Size: 7.875 x 5.875 x 13.375 inches (200x150x344 mm)
  • Weight 6.6 Lbs. (3 kg)

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 Icom SP-20