Kenwood TS-60 6m 50Mhz All TRX USED | 12 Months Warranty
Kenwood TS-60 6m 50Mhz All TRX USED | 12 Months Warranty

Kenwood TS-60 6m 50Mhz All TRX USED | 12 Months Warranty


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Kenwood TS-60 6m 50Mhz All TRX USED | 12 Months Warranty

Very Rare Transceiver. A real collectors item.


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KENWOOD Corporation
6-Meter All-Mode Transceiver   TS-60S
The TS-60S is a 6 m all-mode transceiver that’s engineered for excellence. It’s small enough for mobile or DX-pedition use, yet delivers an impressive 90W output. Ample power is matched by outstanding performance, thanks to 100 memory channels, AIP for superior dynamic range, and advanced interference-reduction measures. There’s also a friendly dual-menu system, microprocessor-controlled DDS with “fuzzy logic” control, TF-SET, and everything you need for split-frequency operations.

Features at a glance:

6 m all-mode operation
Maximum 90 W RF output (SSB, CW & FM)
100 memory channels
DDS with “fuzzy logic” control
AIP, IF shift (SSB & CW) and optional 500 Hz CW filter
Dual-menu system


TS-60S in detail:

High power output
Despite its small size and light weight, the TS-60S is equipped with a pair of MRF492 final transistors that enable it to deliver as much as 90 W in SSB, CW and FM modes (23 W in AM mode).

DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) with fuzzy logic control
KENWOOD has incorporated “fuzzy logic” control circuitry, so the main encoder tunes smoothly from 5 Hz steps to fast forward (200 Hz step) mode. Torque can be adjusted to suit individual preference.

100 memory channels
There are 100 channels for independent storage of transmit and receive parameters such as frequency, mode, and filter setting. Memory shift enables transfer of data to the VFOs.

TF-SET (TX frequency set) function
TF-SET is available when the receive frequency is locked, so you can avoid losing a targeted station.

Comprehensive interference reduction
Assuring first-class receive performance is our AIP (Advanced Intercept Point) circuitry — capable of raising dynamic range to 105 dB. You are free to choose high sensitivity for simplex or weak-signal work, or a high intercept point to minimize intermod or adjacent channel interference. In addition, the TS-60S is equipped with IF shift (SSB & CW), a 20 dB attenuator, CW reverse mode, and a pulse noise blanker. A 500 Hz CW filter (YK-107C) is optional.

Dual-menu system
One press on the MENU key brings versatile control over almost all TS-60S functions, including tone setting. The user-friendly menus — which are also accessible via the supplied microphone — are divided into two groups (A & B) depending on frequency of use.

Switchable AGC circuit (SLOW/FAST)
AGC (automatic gain control) ensures optimum receiver operation in SSB, AM and CW modes under all signal strength conditions.

Relay & external ALC terminals
The seasoned enthusiast will welcome the RCA jacks for relay output — connecting to a linear amplifier — as well for automatic level control.

Scan stop modes (TO & CO)
There are two scan stop modes: time-operated (stops on a busy channel for 5 seconds, then resumes), and carrier-operated (stops on a busy channel and resumes scan 2 seconds after the signal drops out).

Multi-function microphone
The TS-60S comes with the MC-47 remote-control microphone with 4 programmable function keys. You may choose up to 4 menu functions to control with these keys — ideal for mobile operation.

Other Features:

Large LCD panel with digital bar meter
Dual VFOs (A & B)
All-mode squelch
Full break-in and semi break-in
Dimmer control
RF output power control (90 W, 50 W, 10 W)
Auto power-off circuit

Dimensions (W x H x D)

179 x 60 x 233 mm (7.0 x 2.4 x 9.2 in.)