LDG Z-100 USED | 12 Months Warranty | LAMCO Barnsley


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LDG Z-100 USED | 12 Months Warranty | LAMCO Barnsley

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LDG Z-100 USED | 12 Months Warranty | LAMCO Barnsley

Z-100 Autotuner, The Z-100 is the first 0.1 to 125 watt automatic antenna tuner for under £150. Power consumption is ZERO amps when not tuning, making it perfect for portable operation with batteries. The small footprint is ideal for today’s small 100-watt or QRP radios. The tuner uses LDG’s standard high efficiency, microprocessor controlled, switched “L” network to work with Dipoles, Verticals, Inverted Vees and other coax fed antennas. Use the RBA-1 external balun for long wires or ladder line fed antennas. Optional interface cables provide DC power and control from most Icom, Alinco, Kenwood and Yaesu radios.

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