MFJ-949E | HF ATU 300W


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MFJ-949E HF ATU with an internal 4:1 Balun

LAMCO Barnsley


More Hams use MFJ-949s than any other antenna tuner in the world! Why?

Because the worlds leading antenna tuner has earned a worldwide reputation for being able to match just about anything.

Custom designed inductor switch, 1000 volt tuning capacitors, Teflon insulation washers and proper L/C ratio gives you arc-free no worries operation with up to 300 Watts 1.8 to 30 MHz.


Full 1.8-30MHz Operation. Tunes any Antenna Tunes out SWR on dipoles, verticals, inverted vees, random wires, beams, mobile whips, shortwave receiving antennas…. Nearly anything!

Use coax, random wire or balanced lines.

Has heavy duty 4:1 balun.

Custom Inductor Switch The inductor switch is the most likely component to burn up in any antenna tuner. MFJs inductor switch in the MFJ-949E was custom designed to withstand the extremely high RF voltages and currents that are developed in your tuner.

8 Position Super Antenna Switch Lets you select two coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced line or built-in dummy load through your MFJ-949E or direct to your transceiver.

More hams use MFJ-949s than any other antenna tuner in the world!

Has MFJs full size 3 inch lighted Cross Needle Meter (not a puny “meter” you cant read).

Allows for easy reading SWR, true peak forward and average reflected power simultaneously on 300 Watt or 30 Watt ranges.

The back illumination requires an external 12v supply – not included.