MFJ-971 QRP 30/300W portable ATU LAMCO Barnsley



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MFJ-971 QRP 30/300W portable ATU

LAMCO Barnsley


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The MFJ-971 is the ideal QRP ATU to have on hand.

It incorporates a cross needle SWR meter and displays forward or reflected power and SWR simultaneously. It has SO-239 sockets and has terminal posts for balanced lines. Its compact dimensions make it a natural QRP item.



The MFJ-971 is a compact 200-Watt portable tuner MFJ QRP transceivers. The MFJ-971 is also a perfect mate for any of todays ultra-compact SSB radios.


  • 1.8 – 30MHz
  • 300W/30W 6W selectable
  • Cross needle meter
  • 12V DC Ext
  • SO-239 sockets
  • Tunes wire, coax, balanced lines
  • Terminals & earth post
  • Size 160 x 150 x 60mm
  • Weight 870g


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