MFJ-974HB USED | 12 Months Warranty


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MFJ-974HB USED | 12 Months Warranty

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MFJ-974HB USED | 12 Months Warranty


160 Metres Thru 6 Meters Balanced Line Antenna Tuner.

Same as the MFJ-974B but with Top Band. The MFJ-974HB is a fully balanced true balanced line antenna tuner. It gives you superb current balance throughout its very wide matching and frequency range.

* 1.8MHz to 54MHz * Handles 300W PEP, 150W CW * Fully balanced ‘T’ match network * 1:1 current balun * Cross needle SWR/Wattmeter 30/300W ranges * Matches 600 Ohm open wire, 450, 300 Ohm ladder lines, 300/72 Ohm twin, coax & random wires * High-Q air wound tapped inductor * 4 gear 1000V air variable capacitors * 3 tuning controls * 12V DC illuminated meter * Size 190 x 152 x 203mm approx.