Prosistel PST1524TV | (10-15-20-40m) V-Dipole | LAMCO Barnsley


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Prosistel PST1524TV (10-15-20-40m) V-Dipole

Prosistel PST1524TV (10-15-20-40m) V-Dipole


Balun Required


Prosistel PST-1524TV (10-15-20-40m) V-Dipole

DV 10-15-20-40

Multiband HF  V configuration
Prosistel PST-1524TV (6-10-15-20-40m) V-Dipole
The independent traps give a better performance in terms of the possibility of adjusting band by band and bandwidth helpful.
Heavy duty construction with stainless steel bolts, traps made with copper wire on fiberglass insulators allow to use it even with power up to 2kW pep.
For optimal performance, it may want to mount it to a height of at least 4-5m from the ground.
It works just as well also to 2m from the ground. We recommend the use of 1: 1 balun.
Being practically omni directional, it does not require rotator.
– Gain = 0 dBd
– Impedance = 50 ohm
– ROS = <1:1,2 extremes of bandwidth within 1: 1.8
– Rotating radius = 3 to about 4m depends on the version
– Weight = about 6-8kg
– Accept mast 48mm (standard) or 60mm (optional)
– Material = AL6060T6, stainless steel bolts.
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