RG-58CU | 1M 50Ω Coaxial Cable | LAMCO Barnsley



 Our best quality Military specification RG-58m coax cable,

priced per  meter.

Tinned copper conductors – for marine and outdoor use Ideal for many applications, including HF, shortwave, and CB installation. A well made, good quality cable with tinned copper conductors, extremely good performance, and priced here by the metre.


Always handy to have around the shack.


  • Attenuation per 10 Metres 10 MHz – 0.45dB, 50MHz – 1.3dB, 100MHz- 1.5dB, 200MHz – 2.5dB, 1 GHz – 5.6dB
  • Outer Diameter – 4.95mm
  • Velocity Factor – 66%
  • Capacitance PF/M: 100
  • Inner conductor 19/0.18mm
  • Screen OD: 3.3mm

Priced per 100 metre drum.


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