Spiderbeam Clamp set for 12m fiberglass pole


12m fiberglass pole

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Clamp set for 12m fiberglass pole

Clamp set for 12m fiberglass pole
Clamp set for 12m fiberglass pole

Complete set:
Contains 11 stainless steel clamps with rubber padding.

(For portable installations, most people simply use sticky tape for locking the individual tube segments, and this works very well!)

However, clamps are the perfect method to securely lock the segments of the fiberglass mast for a long period. They are especially suitable for permanent installations and superior to all other locking mechanisms (tape, glue, cable ties,…). They have a very strong grip, yet they can be removed easily even after years of installation.

Install the clamps as follows:
Simply put one clamp at the very bottom end of each tube segment and tighten the clamp. Here it will act as a stopper and prevent the tube from sliding downwards into the next bigger tube segment. The rubber padding is made of a thick flat rubber band, protecting the mast against any damage from the clamps.


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