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TeloSystems SY580 Wide Area Network Radio

TeloSystems SY580 Wide Area Network Radio

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3G & 4G Connectivity – Experience clear, reliable and instant PTT where ever you are; all you need is connection to a cellular network.

Android 5.1 OS – The SY580 is powered by Android 5.1 OS to ensure smooth and reliable operation – it’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Google Play Services – The SY580 is fully compatible with Google Play Services, allowing you to use all the applications you need for everyday use.

Rugged Design – The SY580 is certified to IP67 standards against dust and water ingress, and is drop-tested to 1.5m.

Intuitive User Interface – The SY580 combines a 2.4″ touch-screen with semi-keypad for intuitive, one-handed use in any environment.

Crystal Clear Audio – Its powerful 2.0W speaker will enable users to experience clear PTT communications even in noisy environments.

Powerful Battery Performance – With a removable 3600mAh battery, the SY580 will last even during heavy usage periods.

Radio Design Interface – With its M6 audio accessory connector, the SY580 can be used with a wide range of audio accessories.






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