Tokyo HL-2KFX USED Twelve Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley


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Tokyo HL-2KFX USED Twelve Months Warranty

LAMCO Barnsley

A Very Rare Amplifier.

There are a few marks on the lids.


HL-2Kfx HF Amplifier


  • Covers all HF bands including 6m


  • Dual Antenna outputs


  • Built in Linear Power Supply
    With Transformer Taps for 100-230v 50/60Hz
  • Fairly Compact but Heavy


  • Dual cooling Fans


  • Amplifier incorporates built in protection circuitry for Over drive, over voltage, over heat and combiner mismatch.
  • Lower cost in replacing finals compared to replacing tubes in tube-type amplifiers.


The HL-2Kfx was the predecessor to the HL-1.5Kfx. It is 1Kw PEP Amp like the 1.5kfx with 6m included but lacked the the auto band changing ability that was added to the 1.5kfx and it used dual PA boards that were combined unlike the single PA board redesign used in the 1.5kfx. For its time the 2kfx was an extremely compact amplifier but was never sold in great quantity and is therefore fairly rare.

HL-2Kfx HF Amplifier

Frequency Band 1.9MHz ~ 54MHz (160m ~ 6m)
(Including WARC bands)
Operating Modes SSB / CW / RTTY
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
70W Typical — 100W Max
Output Power 1KW SSB,CW PEP
500W RTTY, FM (recommended)
350W AM (recommended max)
Amplifier Class Class AB Push – Pull Circuit
RF Power Transistors MRF-150 x 8 — (4 per module)
Band Switching Manual
Power Requirement 100VAC-230VAC (Via Jumpers)
50/60Hz — 2200VA max at peak
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
T/R Switching Unknown relay type. If you have information please let me know.
Size 11.9w x 5.6H x 17D inches
Weight 24.9kg / 55 lbs
Production Period 2004 – 2005



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