TTI-TCB-H100 | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Handheld Transceiver | LAMCO Barnsley


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TTI-TCB-H100 | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Handheld Transceiver

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TTI-TCB-H100 | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Handheld Transceiver

The TTI-TCB-H100 is a professional handheld CB radio that comes pre-programmed with all the European channels (including the UK) and has unique features such as a 3 colour backlit LCD display and Echo function.

It has Dynamic Squelch System (DSS) to cut out interference, and a high capacity 2600mAH Lithium-Ion battery pack, allowing many more hours of talk-time.  It also comes with a desktop charger similar to more expensive PMR handhelds.


Main Features

  • 4 Watt AM/FM
  • Multinorm: EC, EU, d, I2, I, UE, UK, PL, F, E
  • Power on/off and volume control knob
  • Squelch adjuster and DDS (Dynamic Squelch Tuning System)
  • Emergency button, channel 9/19
  • PTT button, red LED lights during TX
  • 3 colour backlighting: red, amber, green or no colour
  • Scan function
  • Menu function
  • Lock function
  • VOX function, 3 levels
  • Beep tone
  • Roger beep
  • Channel up/down buttons
  • AM/FM button
  • Echo function
  • Signal strength meter
  • Low battery indicator


Frequency range: 26.56-28 MHz Frequency control: PLL synthesizer Operating temperature range: -10 to +55 Celsius Size: 57 (W) x 116 (H) x 39 (D)
Operating mode: F3E (FM), A3E (AM) Frequency tolerance: 0.002% Power supply: 7.4V (Li-ion battery) Weight: 224 gram

Included with your TTI-TCB-H100

CB RadioCB Radio Rubber Duck AerialSMA Rubber Duck Aerial 2200 mAH Battery Pack2600 mAH Battery Pack
BoltsPlug-In Charger User ManualBelt Clip BracketUser Manual

Technical information for TTI-TCB-H100

Power output: Duty cycle 10% 4 Watts @ 13.2V DC
Modulation: AM: from 85% to 95%, FM: 1.8 kHz +/- 0.2 kHz
Frequency response: 300 Hz to 3000 Hz
Output impedance: 50 Ohms, unbalanced
Harmonic suppression: less than -54 dBm
Current drain: AM full Mod. 1.6A Max.


Receiving system: dual conversion superheterodyne
IF frequencies: double conversion 1st 10.695 MHz / 2nd 455 kHz
Sensitivity: 1.4 uV for 10 dB (S + N) / N in AM mode, 0.8 uV for 20 dB SINAD in FM mode
Audio output power: 1W @ 16 Ohm
Audio distortion: less than 8% @ 1 kHz
Image rejection: more than 60 dB
Adjacent channel rejection: more than 60 dB
Conducted spurious: less than -57 dBm
Frequency response: 300 Hz to 2500 Hz
Built-in speaker: 16 Ohms, round
Squelch: adjustable, threshold less than 1 uV, DSS less than 2 uV


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