Vertex Standard VX-1700 | 12 Months Warranty | LAMCO Barnsley


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Vertex Standard VX-1700

Cancelled Commercial Order

Twelve Months Warranty

LAMCO Barnsley

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Vertex Standard VX-1700 Twelve Months Warranty Cancelled Commercial Order LAMCO Barnsley

Vertex Standard VX-1700 Twelve Months Warranty Cancelled Commercial Order LAMCO Barnsley


Vertex Standard’s VX-1700 Multi-mode mobile HF radio delivers flexibility┬áby operating as either a mobile radio or base station for long haul mobile communications. Providing 125 Watts of power, with 4 Programmable keys, and 200 channels to use the VX-1700 offers the features you need and reliability you count on to get the job done.
The VX-1700 has the channel capacity to store up to 200 channel arranged in five groups with the flexibility to have any number of channels per group. In addition, each channel has the ability to be independently programmed with a 6-character alphanumeric description, providing the user with quick and easy call management.

The Main Features of Vertex Standard VX-1700 Multi-mode Mobile HF Radios

The flexible calling options offer additional support through the VX-1700’s six different built-in calling modes: SELCALL, TELCALL, Message Call, Position Request Call, Position Send Call and Beacon Request Call to check for signal quality.
Operating modes include LSB/USB (J3E and J2B), AM (A3E) and CW (A1A), making the VX-1700 ideal for a wide variety of applications.
Features Include:
  • Receive Frequency Range of between 0.3 ~ 30MHz
  • Transmit Frequency Range of 1.6 ~ 30MHz
  • Frequency Synthetiser Steps:10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz
  • 200 Channels
  • Four programmable keys
  • Noise blanker
  • CW Semi break-in
  • CW Side tone function
  • VOX
  • VFO Mode
  • Field memory channel storage
  • Dual Watch Operation
  • Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) Option



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