Vine Antennas RS City Windom 80


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Vine Antennas | RS City Windom 80 | LAMCO

Vine Antennas | RS City Windom 80 | LAMCO


Vine Antennas RS-City Windom-80


Unlike end fed antennas the City Windom has no high impedance and matching circuit at the feed point

The City Windom is electronically centre fed and behaves just like a Windom antenna 

Requires no mounting at the centre point 

Ideal for restricted QTH Operation or portable use 

 Lite weight design using specifically selected and tested components 

Tri-rated Cable for UK/EU/US/CANADA designed for use in extreme cold or tropical conditions

Polycarbonate box fittings with breather facility to prevent condensation and water ingress

Highest quality silver plated S0239 connections and stainless steel hardware

Supplied complete with high-quality insulator for suspension


RS-City Windom-80:

80/40/20/17/12/10 Without Tuner

15m is also possible with tuner

RS-City Windom-40:

40m in length 

40/20/10m Without Tuner

17/12m With Tuner


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