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Vine Antennas RST-Skytec MAX 2


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Included with the RST-Skytec MAX 2

  • Komunica HF PRO 1 Antenna
  • Tripod
  • Groundplanes
  • Carry Holdall

Covers HF/VHF/UHF Bands

Antenna Includes 190cm (6ft 7″) whip for greater gain and bandwidth.

Internal base loaded coil with graded adjustment steps for easy tuning

Locking Mechanism at base of coil to ensure complete security once tuned

Stainless Steel mounting hardware with built in SO239 Connector and 4m of RG-58 terminated in male SO239 Connector

Supplied with Robust steel black anodised Tripod with lockable height adjustment with a maximum load of 50kg

Height adjustable 35mm pole which extends from 1m to 1.8m  with locking pin

Supplied with 3 10m Copper Wire Ground planes for minimum VSWR

Included with the RST-Skytec MAX:


Komunica HF PRO 1 Antenna


Carry Holdall

















Additional information

Dimensions 1000 mm

1 review for Vine Antennas RST-Skytec MAX 2 | Portable Antenna Kit | LAMCO Barnsley

  1. brett.johnson (verified owner)

    couple of minor niggles :
    only giving this item a 4 * – as a couple of things i would like to see done better for an item of this price
    any hoo first the good points :
    delivered promptly and well packed
    the tripod – good sturdy item – don’t think it will blow over in a hurry even in a good wind

    the antenna mounting bracket and coax , yes ok but i think one that could have the facility to fit a user defined length of coax would be better – the length provided is ok but i like my antennas well away from the operating position – and given the length of the radials – i think maybe 20 foot would be a better length – ok you can extend the supplied – but that means joints – not a good idea in field conditions as i have found out in the past .

    the antenna itself – well it is what it is – and would do better to have a longer whip – especially for 7 mhz – i have replaced the lower section with one about a foot longer – ( NB : this will alter the characteristics of the antenna on the higher frequencies – so may not be for everyone , but i needed a portable for 7 mhz more than anything ) which allows for the coil adjustment position to be a bit further down as it was right on the end – personal preference – against a fixed coil antenna – one of those multi tap jobs – it has the edge – but is of course like a lot of portable setups a compromise solution – however on the quick tests done so far – it seems to work quite well for its size – certainly shifting bands is easy and with no plugs to faff around with – a lot simpler

    now for the niggle the radials !! – domestic earth wire – seriously ?? – think you could do better frankly – these have been replaced with some much more flexible wire – and put on a winder ( that would be a nice touch ) as the way they where was a mess – spoils the whole thing imo – again personal preference ( however the earth wire will come in handy for something else )

    and lastly the bag – generous is an understatement – you should be able to get a load of stuff in there besides the supplied kit – but a nice touch – will also come in handy to carry my kite antenna equipment .lol

    so to sum up : in all a reasonable bit of kit – it will be interesting to run a few comparisons against other short loaded antennas in the field – but not in this weather !! – the niggles – well as i say personal preference – but may be worth looking at for future editions – so not quite 5* but close

    de G6URM

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