W2IHY 8 Band EQ Used 12 Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley


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W2IHY 8 Band EQ Used 12 Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley

W2IHY 8 Band EQ Used 12 Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley

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Finally, professional audio processing technology is applied to the unique requirements of amateur radio operators! The W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer and Noise Gate is an easy-to-use, sophisticated unit loaded with high-performance features. This thoughtfully-designed, quality- constructed station accessory performs three important functions, all in one good looking, low- profile package:

– The Audio Equalizer gives you sophisticated control of the tonal qualities of your microphone and, thus, of your transmit audio quality. The range of equalization possibilities is virtually unlimited, letting you custom-tailor your audio just the way you want.

– The Noise Gate is the long-needed solution for noisy operating environments. Background noises that used to make copy difficult or unpleasant on the other end of the QSO are eliminated or greatly reduced.

– The Universal Microphone and Radio matching capabilities are terrific. Match practically any microphone of any impedance to practically any radio’s microphone input. Adjust the wide-range input level for optimum drive to the built-in microphone amplifier. Adjust the output to give your radio the ideal signal level for best performance of microphone gain, alc, compression and smooth VOX operation. A comprehensive selection of microphone jacks means plug and play for most microphones. Instant microphone compatibility with Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom microphones via a 3 position switch.

Product Specifications

8 Band Audio Equalizer For Transmitter Microphones
8 bands of equalization independently adjustable +/- 16dB
50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 3200 Hz
Smooth-action slide potentiometers
EQ settings can be changed instantly
Equalizer bypass switch (on/off)
Extremely Effective Noise Gate Eliminates Background Noise
Adjustable threshold (level control)
Adjustable decay for smooth trailing edge (delay control)
LED level indicator
Noise Gate bypass switch (on/off)
Microphone Input Connections
Wide range of connectors rear panel accessible
8-pin mic connector with 3-position switch selects ICOM, KENWOOD, YAESU microphones Adapters available to support all other 4 and 8 pin microphone jacks
XLR female connector
RCA phono connector
Selectable microphone input impedance 200 ohm, 600 ohm, HI-Z
Microphone Input Gain
Wide-range input level control adjusts internal microphone amplifier gain
LED indicator facilitates gain adjustment
When used with a Heil cartridge provides >20 times the output to better drive your transmitter
Microphone Phantom Power Voltage Jumper
For use with HM12, SM6 electrets and other microphones requiring phantom power
Provides 5VDC to the microphone cartridge
Accessible from the bottom of the case
Dual Selectable Microphone Outputs
Allows connection to two different radios if you choose
Adjustable output level control for ideal drive level to transmitter microphone input
LOW-Z balanced and unbalanced outputs for modern equipment
HI-Z output for classic rigs
5-pin DIN connectors
PTT input (RCA jack)
Adds push to talk control for non-PTT microphones
Rear panel accessible independent PTT input. Can be used with foot switch, etc.
Built-In Headphone Monitor
Produces ample high-quality audio for making Equalization and Noise Gate adjustments
1/4″ rear panel stereo jack
Front panel volume control
Operating Environment
Designed specifically for amateur radio use adjacent to transmitters and linear amplifiers
Extensive RFI protection
Black finish with white lettering. Attractive in any shack
8″ Wide x 3″ High x 7.25 ” Deep
76mm x 203mm x 195mm
7-14V (100ma) wall transformer provided
LED indicator and on/off switch
30 day no questions asked money back guarantee
3 year parts and labor warranty
Free technical support

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