Yaesu DVS-6 Digital Voice Memory Unit


Yaesu DVS-6 Voice Unit

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Yaesu DVS-6 Digital Voice Memory Unit.

The DVS-6 Voice Memory System includes five memories capable of storing up to 20 seconds of voice audio each. The maximum that any memory can hold is 20 seconds.You can store and then repeatedly transmit short identification and information messages.

Fits inside the radio. Easy installation.

Made especially and designed for to fit the Yaesu FT-950, Yaesu FT DX-1200, Yaesu FT DX-3000

Yaesu DVS-6 Digital Voice Memory Unit Supplied By ‘LAMCO’ LAM Communications Ltd, 52 Sheffield Road, Hoyland Common, Barnsley, S74 0DQ Call 01226 361700 for more information or email sales@hamradio-shop.com

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