Yaesu FT-847 USED 12 Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley


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Yaesu FT-847 USED 12 Months Warranty

LAMCO Barnsley

In Excellent condition for age complete with box, manual microphone and power lead


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Yaesu FT-847USED 12 Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley Yaesu FT-847USED 12 Months Warranty LAMCO Barnsley

Yaesu FT-847 Multiband Transceiver, At the cutting edge of ham radio design, this is the first transceiver to cover the complete spectrum from 1.8 to 440MHz including 70MHz. Replacing noisy PLL circuits the FT-847 utilises a generation ultra-low-noise DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) in its local design. Innovative transmitter design concepts represent a major breakthrough in the ham radio field and provides consistent, reliable power output with low SSB intermodulation characteristics in the ultra-compact transceiver. The FT-847?s receiver front end is the result of hundreds of hours testing, evaluating and re-design and ensures a consistent performance across the bands whether it be on VLF or UHF.

Shuttle-JogTM Tuning – First introduced on the FT-1000MP and FT-920, the Shuttle-JogTM tuning ring provides rapid frequency change by its unique spring-loaded design.

Separate Sub-VFO tuning – There are a number of ways that the Sub-VFO tuning knob may be used. For transceiver operation when using the main VFO, this may act as a Clarifier control. During HF split it may be used to adjust your receive VFO?s frequency. During satellite operation it lets you correct your uplink frequency for Doppler Shift.

Built-in RF clipping-type speech processor – Talk power is enhanced by the built-in RF clipping-type speech processor, which increases average SSB output by approximately 6dB. The transmitted IF pass band frequency may be adjusted to match or enhance the frequency characteristics of your voice pattern. Independent USB and LSB alignment menus are provided.

CW operational provisions – The FT-847 provides a wealth of tools for outstanding CW performance. For EME and other very weak signal work, the DSP bandwidth may be made as narrow as 25Hz, with minimum bandwidths of 100Hz, 200Hz or 400Hz also available. An iambic electronic keyer with adjustable weighting is provided along with semi break-in control.

DSP band pass filter – Yaesu’s renowned DSP circuitry is led by the ultra-sharp band pass Filter feature, which utilises the combined effects of the independently-adjustable audio HPF and the LPF elements to provide very steep skirt selectivity and reduction in noise.

DSP Noise Reduction Circuit – Built on the success of the FT-1000MP and FT-920 DSP Noise Reduction systems, the best DSP noise reduction has been provided for the FT-847.

Separate Antenna connectors – Four separate antenna connections are provided for HF, 50MHz, 144MHz and 430MHz which also facilitates full duplex operation.

cross band Full Duplex operation – Effortless full duplex cross band satellite operation is possible too. This means that you can monitor your downlink signal from the satellite whilst you are transmitting.

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Powerful: up to 1.5 KW (1.3 KW typ.).
• Very Light: 7.5 Kg. (16.5 Ibs) typ.
• Very Small: h 12, w 28, d 36 cm (4.72”x11.02”x14.17”) connectors included.
• Wide Frequency Coverage: 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz, including WARC
• Internal Switching Power Supply with Power Factor Correction.
• No jumper changes necessary to work from 100VAC to 255VAC
• Manages 4 antennas automatically.
• Automatically switches between 2 transceivers.
• SO2R operation.
• Can manage an external set of Band Pass Filters.
• Optional ATU can be Built-In: bypassable per antenna and band.
• Up to 3 antennas can be selected for every band.
• Additional receiving antenna can be selected.
• Drives directly up to 4 dynamic antennas (SteppIR, Ultrabeam) for an easiest layout.
• No relay contacts are switched when current is flowing due to special software.
• QSK.
• Fully remotable.
• Remote control and all software upgrades fully available on SPE website.
• USB and RS 232 ports.
• 3 Selectable Power Output: MAX, MID (800 W), LOW (500W).
• Very clean and low distortion signal.
• Both inputs always perfectly matched.
• Quiet Operation: four fans linearly controlled by power supply and power amplifier temperatures.
• Fully protected.
• Fully Solid State: uses only one new very rugged device.
• Over 30000 lines of software for performances that cannot be found together in any other amplifier.
• Two very fast CPUs.
• CAT and band data compatible with all rigs on the market allowing automatic control of antennas, bands, ATU matchings.
• Available also without ATU allowing significant savings.
• Complete with heavy duty carrying bag allowing carry-on to airplanes.
• Certifications: CE, FCC pending.


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