Yaesu FTM-100 Used | 12 Months Warranty | LAMCO Barnsley


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Yaesu FTM-100 Used | 12 Months Warranty | LAMCO Barnsley


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Yaesu FTM-100 Used | 12 Months Warranty | LAMCO Barnsley


Yaesu FTM-100 Dual Band Fusion Mobile Transceiver, The Yaesu FTM-100DE incorporates a wide range of System Fusion and analogue features with the Single Feature Design equipped with a Dot-Matrix Display. The newly designed display of the FTM-100DE is a very compact, vibrant and highly visible White-LED backlit display (160×40 Full Dot-Matrix) and includes a bright multi-coloured Mode/Status Indicator on its faceplate. This Indicator is a very useful feature that visibly and clearly informs the operator of the state of the transceiver. For instance, it indicates what mode the radio is in by changing from Green (Analogue) to Blue (Digital) when receiving a signal, and the operator can easily recognize what signal is being received at a glance!

The FTM-100DE utilizes Automatic Mode Select (AMS), which is one of the most distinguishing features of System Fusion that instantly recognizes whether a transmission is analogue or digital and appropriately switches the operating modes to allow flawless co-existence of both analogue and digital communication. In addition to AMS, the following attractive features are available with the FTM-100DE which should satisfy and fit most amateur radio operator’s needs, such as Smart Navigation, Digital Group Monitor (GM) featuring telemetry data and ID transmission, WIRES-X, a full featured 1200/9600bps APRS system, a built-in high sensitivity 66 channel GPS Antenna, GPS logging capability, voice guide and recording function, micro SD card slot (for both programming and data storage), and Bluetooth hands-free operation.

Thanks to all the above carefully selected feature configurations, the FTM-100DE is at a very attractive price point and will be widely spread as an ideal communication product among both entry level and advanced ham radio enthusiasts.

NB: Firmware upgrades, modifications and additions to the software are inevitable for all the digital radio operators to continue to enjoy the up-to-date and enhanced features of this digital radio. The FTM 100DE has a small, easy-open cap on the top, allowing quick and easy firmware updates by operators; no need to un-screw the case!


C4FM Digital 12.5 kHz Bandwidth

V/D Mode, Voice FR Mode, Data FR Mode and Analog FM

AMS (Automatic Mode Select) function automatically recognizes the signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM

Smart Navigation*1

Digital Group Monitor

Supports advanced VoIP amateur radio WIRES-X

Easily establish a WIRES-X node station (Optional HRI-200 is required.)

High RF Output Power 50 W/ 20 W/ 5 W on the 144/430 MHz bands

160 x 40 dots Full Dot Matrix Display with White LED Back Light

Built-in 66 channel GPS Antenna (Front Panel)

Receiving and Forwarding Image Data*2

DSQ (Digital Squelch Code) Signaling Feature

1200 bps / 9600 bps APRS® Function

Wideband Receive for 108 MHz

999.99 MHz (cellular frequencies blocked)*3

Bright multi-coloured Mode/Status Indicator vibrantly displays the transceivers status

micros D Card Slot

High Stability ±2.5 ppm TCXO Included

Bluetooth® Hands-free operation (Optional BU-2 and BH-2A are required.)

Voice Guide and Recording Function (Optional FVS-2 is required.)







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