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mAT-705 | Automatic Antenna Tuner




The mAT-705 is a compact and exquisite tuner designed for ICOM IC-705 transmitter. It is
connected to the TUNER socket of the IC-705 transmitter through a dedicated control cable
mAT-705-CB (standard accessory of the tuner). User can realize simple and convenient tuning
through the function menu of the transmitter.

Build Quality

The tuner uses an aluminum metal shell, and the panel uses aluminum milling technology and
laser engraving. It is exquisite, beautiful and firm, and is very suitable for outdoor portable use by


The mAT-705 tuner is powered by a disposable 9V alkaline battery, which makes it very
convenient for users to replace battery and air transportation. Magnetic latching relays are all used
inside the tuner, which saves energy and can be used for a long time with a new battery. When the
frequency does not change, the user can directly turn off the power without affecting the use. In
order to save power to the greatest extent, the tuner directly uses switching control power. Does
not consume any power when shutting down.


The tuner comes with a control cable (mAT-705-CB) and the user does not need to purchase it. Both
ends of the control cable are standard 3.5 plugs, one plug is connected to the TUNER socket of the
transmitter, and the other plug is connected to the CON socket of the tuner. The transmitter can
control the tuner through this cable to realize automatic tuning.

The RF cable (mAT-RC1) that connects the transmitter and the tuner is not a standard accessory, it is an option, which allows
users to have more choices. The RF cable (mAT-RC1) is a common coaxial cable with BNC plugs at
both ends. If the user already owns such a cable, there is no need to spend extra money to
purchase it.


The tuner can work within the range of 1.8MHz to 54MHz. It will tune dipoles, verticals, Yagis, or
virtually any coax-fed antenna. It will match an amazing range of antennas and impedances, far
greater than some other tuners you may have considered, including the built-in tuners on many


The mAT-705 has 16,000 frequency memories. When tuning on or near a previously tuned
frequency, the mAT-705 uses “Memory Tune” to recall the previous tuning parameters in a
fraction of a second. If no memorized settings are available, the tuner runs a full tuning cycle,
storing the parameters for memory recall on subsequent tuning cycles on that frequency. In this
manner, the mAT-705 “learns” as it is used, adapting to the bands and frequencies as it goes.





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