MAT-705 Plus | Automatic Antenna Tuner


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MAT-705Plus | Automatic Antenna Tuner

New and Improved Version of the popular mAT-705

The Perfect  partner for your Icom IC-705 Portable


mat-705 plus

The mAT-705Plus tuner is powered by two built-in lithium batteries instead of alkaline batteries. The user no longer has to open the tuner housing to replace the battery. The tuner uses the type USB charging port, so users can easily use the mobile phone charger to charge the tuner. The new version of the tuner eliminates the mechanical power switch. Its power supply is automatically controlled by the transmitter. After connecting the control cable, it will be turned on and off along with the transmitter, no need to manually turn on and off.

The tuner uses a larger LED lens and is mounted on a PCB.